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Choo Yuh Joo, Managing Director
Why Us

What we deliver

From Limited Capabilities to Infinite Possibilities

Hyperconverged & Open Infrastructure

  • 1STACK is a highly composable network infrastructure solution that capitalizes on the unlimited potential of open source apps and on-the-edge technologies to deliver outstanding network, compute and storage performance without the premium pricing or the licensing lock ins.

Best Open Source Orchestration


  • Compute (Nova)
  • Image Service (Glance)
  • Object Storage (Swift)
  • Dashboard (Horizon)
  • Identity Service (Keystone)
  • Networking (Neutron)
  • Block Storage (Cinder)
  • Telemetry (Ceilometer)
Optimised to handle the toughest display protocols and grahic rendering

GPU Server

  • 2U with 4x V100 (Nvidia)
  • PCIe passthrough or GPU virtualization (with optional vGPU licenses)
  • 100G network interfaces
High Performance Computing; Power on demand.

Hyperconverged Server

  • Integrated compute + storage
  • High Density, Small Footprint – 2U footprint with 256 CPU cores dual-threaded (512 vCPU). Powered by AMD EPYC 7003 Milan
  • Up to 8TB memory, 12x drive bays (192TB)
  • High-speed 25G/100G networking
  • TCO savings in rack space, power and cooling
Failsafe and Fast

Network Switch

  • Baremetal Edgecore switch
  • 32x QSFP (each configurable as 100G, or 4x25G or 4x10G)
  • Choice of Network Operating System
W-Logos Network switch
Safe & Secure; software enabled.

Storage Features

  • Highly available clustered storage with at least 3 nodes to keep 3 or more copies of the data
  • HDD or NVMe nodes for different IOPs
  • Automatic storage tiering
  • Scale-out storage. Add more capacity as you grow
Storage Option #1

HDD Storage​

  • 1U 8x 3.5″ HDD max 16TB each
  • < 105W power consumption
  • 4x 10G network interfaces
  • CEPH Software Defined Storage software, scalable to Exabyte storage
Storage Option #2

Flash Storage​

  • Full Flash Arrays
  • 2U 24x NVMe up to 192TB
  • Data compression, erasure coding
  • Thin Provisoning
  • Each can deliver 3M IOPs @ 4K Random Read, and 800K IOPs @ 4K Random Write (16GB/s Read, 8GB/s Write)
  • 100G network interfaces

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