Webinar Series - SEP 2021

All Systems Go!

A Brave New World

Modernising Your IT Infrastructure

Tuesday 28 September 2021
4.00pm ~ 5.05pm
Singapore (GMT +8)
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Modernise to optimise.  A modernised IT infrastructure built on virtualization, open resources and cloud technologies. It gives your organisation the ability and agility to respond quickly and effectively to changing business needs. Legacy IT systems may face some challenges as innovation is fast driving the adoption of cloud computing.  The World of IT is rapidly changing and fraught with new challenges.

As such, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google, have built some of the world’s largest and most successful public cloud platforms with their own suite of services to meet this demand.  But as with all public services, there are limitations and restrictions- lock in licensing fees and control. You may even be prevented from using these public services due to compliance and regulatory restrictions. They are also less accommodating to customisation and to legacy systems.

1STACK is a complete Open Infrastructure solution, based on OpenStack, that capitalizes on the unlimited potential of open source apps to deliver outstanding network, compute and storage performance. This private cloud solution not only gives you the same capabilities and flexibility of the public cloud but complete autonomy by bringing them in-house. You’re completely in charge and in control.

Join us to discover how you can readily futureproof your company, confidently allay your fears of modernising, consistently deliver more business value, easily migrate your legacy workloads, totally manage operational costs and seamlessly integrate people and process.  It will be business as usual but with a whole new competitive edge.

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  • From public clouds to private clouds, distributed and containerised workflows, machine learning to automation, you need to rethink your IT strategy if you are to capitalise on these modern technologies and cloud applications.
  • The Risks of Legacy IT systems with their dated applications and hardware.
  • Overcoming the challenges of Legacy Systems
  • Benefits of modernising your IT System
Presented by:  Choo Yuh Joo, Managing Director Starview International.

  • Make your Journey into and between the Clouds Simple, Secure and Straightforward.
  • Introducing Hystax Acura Cloud Migration Service; enables you to migrate all types of workloads automatically.  It provides enterprises with unique any-to-any migration software, which helps move to the cloud quickly and effortlessly.
  • Pick A Cloud: Hystax works for all cloud platforms, including: 1STACK, AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, VMware, KVM, OpenStack, Alibaba Cloud, and Bare Metal.
Presented by: Edwin-Alexander Kuss, Director Global Sales Hystax Inc.

We look forward to a lively exchange of questions and answers.

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    Starview International

    Starview is a fast-growing technology company. We build high-speed communications infrastructure, and private clouds to power the most demanding workloads. We own patents and Intellectual Properties, and we have the unique capabilities to integrate our own products with third party products to offer unprecedented values and propositions to our customers.

    We are passionate about pushing the envelope in technology, harnessing the latest, fastest and best technologies to meet our customer’s requirements, and at the same time, breaking the barriers in price and performance.

    Speaker Bio

    Choo Yuh Joo is the co-founder and Managing Director of Starview International Pte Ltd. Starview was started in 2010 together with Wilson Tan, with the vision to develop programmable optical transceivers, to drive down the cost of adoption. He is the co-inventor and holder of the patents in programmable optical transceivers in Singapore, USA, China and Australia. Over the years, Starview evolved the business into open networking, then into open systems and private clouds.

    Choo is an industry veteran, having worked in companies such as Singapore Computer Systems and Cisco Systems. After Cisco Systems, he co-founded Aculearn, a startup in e-learning and web-collaboration solutions. Before co-founding Starview, Choo was the Regional Director in Transition Systems.


    Hystax is a leader in FinOps and CloudOps software with OptScale product as a unique SaaS offering for FinOps enablement at businesses of all sizes. The company is a leader in cloud migration and cross-cloud Disaster Recovery with more than 80,000 machines migrated and over 5,000 machines protected globally. Hystax has Airbus, Orange, Teekey, Burger King and Nokia as customers.  We are also a provider of cloud-related services intended to make a journey to the cloud a simple and straightforward process. Our company’s services include disaster recovery, cloud migration and cloud management, enabling businesses to control, manage and forecast cloud spending, build multi and hybrid cloud models and get workloads mobility and information technology resilience.

    Speaker Bio

    Edwin Kuss is Director of Global of Sales at Hystax. He has more than 20 years experience in operations, go-to-market strategy, leadership, sales management, Internet, telecommunications, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and BaaS.