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nothing changes.

Choo Yuh Joo.
Managing Director.

1STACK is an Open Infrastructure solution that capitalizes on the unlimited potential of open source apps and on-the-edge technologies to deliver outstanding network, compute and storage performance without the premium pricing or the licensing lock ins.


How do you optimise?
  • High performance computing
  • Intense graphic capabilities
  • High Specs Display Protocol
  • Specialised Apps
  • Multiple OS
  • Machine Learning & A.I.


How do you synergise?
  • Mobility
  • Remote working
  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Workflows
  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Resiliency
  • Scalability
  • Different Devices
  • Command & control


How do you maximise?
  • Security
  • Backup & Storage
  • Distribution
  • Provisioning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Access
From Limited Capabilities to Infinite Possibilities

Hyperconverged & Open Infrastructure

1STACK is a carefully curated distribution of open source OpenStack for stability and enterprise usage, combined with optimised server hardware and bare metal network switches to offer performance and scalability at lower acquisition and running costs.

Featured Solution

Software Defined Storage

1STACK with Ambedded Tech and Lightbits

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is one of the most sought after technologies in the market today. It is a game changer as it creates a unified platform for all your data workloads and their various formats like no other.  Whether it is block, file or object storage systems, SDS makes your data work harder and better. Together with Ambedded Tech and Lightbits, we bring indepth knowledge and experience to help organisations find their perfect solution.  From bridging legacy architectures with new data sources, creating centralised data reservoirs for customer services, or ensuring data protection and recovery, workload distribution and collaboration, these are just some of the performance enhancements.   SDS is simply built for the data driven enterprise.  And if you are looking to update, upgrade, or modernise your IT data infrastructure, SDS is a good place to start.

Why Us

What we deliver

Best in Class Hardware


  • Very high density compute cores in a very small footprint (256 cores in 2U footprint)
  • High IOPs storage flash arrays
  • High speed networking – 25G/100G and beyond
  • Enterprise grade
  • Undisputed performance
From Software to Hardware


  • Single Pane of Glass
  • Multi Cloud & Tenant
  • Highly customisable
From Start to Forever


  • Setup
  • Running
  • Redundancy
  • ROI
From Consultation to Maintenance, End-to-End

One Stop Shop

  • Design, build, deploy, maintain.
  • Open system software and enterprise grade hardware
  • Full life cycle management

Use Case

Explore the various possibilities and discover how 1STACK delivers just what your business needs.
About Us

Who we are

Just what your business needs

Starview is a fast-growing technology company.  We build high-speed communications infrastructure, and private clouds to power the most demanding workloads. We own patents and Intellectual Properties, and we have the unique capabilities to integrate our own products with third party products to offer unprecedented values and propositions to our customers.

We are passionate about pushing the envelope in technology, harnessing the latest, fastest and best technologies to meet our customer’s requirements, and at the same time, breaking the barriers in price and performance.

It is with our experience that is now bringing us to the frontline of Next Tech – Cloud Enabled Organizations.

  • Finalist to SG:D Techblazer Most Promising Award
  • Singapore Fastest Growing Companies 2020 Ranked 49th
  • Patent for Optical Transceiver Singapore, USA, China and Australia.
  • SME1000 Sales Turnover Growth Excellence Award – Infocomms & Communications 2018


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